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Crockett Collection

Blue Lodge

These products are suitable for any Master Mason. Although there are dedicated departments for the other orders such as Shriners and Scottish Rite, our entire store is for the most part dedicated to the Blue Lodge, hence it does not have a single consolidated department like the others.
Blue Lodge Logo Craft Lodge Logo - No G
Square & Compass Pin 360957 Square & Compass Pin 22.15mm x 23.77mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Square & Compass Trowel Pin 360945 Square & Compass Trowel Pin 9.42mm x 27.05mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Round Square & Compass Pin 360939 Round Square & Compass Pin 23.42mm x 23.42mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Two Ball Cane Pin 361354 Two Ball Cane Pin 14.9mm x 28.8mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Square & Compass Slipper Pin 360946 Square & Compass Slipper Pin 9.06mm x 26.24mm $2.95 Add To Cart

Eastern Star

These products are meant for members of the Eastern Star. Because the Order of the Eastern Star admits both men and women, you will fine male, female and unisex versions of some items. Also included in this category are products for Past Matrons and Past Patrons. You can view all of the OES products we have available in our dedicated Eastern Star Supply department.
Eastern Star Logo
Round OES Pin 360966 Round OES Pin 24.37mm x 24.37mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Eastern Star Pin 360942 Eastern Star Pin 23.96mm x 23.96mm $3.95 Add To Cart


Shriners - Scottish Rite - Blue Lodge Pin 360963 Shriners - Scottish Rite - Blue Lodge Pin 24.62mm x 22.06mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Four Orders Pin 360947 Four Orders Pin 26.64mm x 26.64mm $3.95 Add To Cart

Past Master

These products are suitable for any brother who has passed through the East and earned the title of Past Master. There are two main varieties of Past Master products, those with the compass, quadrant and square and those with only the compass and quadrant. Some jurisdictions reserve the former variety for Past Grand Masters while other (most) jurisdictions allow either to be used for Past Masters. Search for the squareless tag to just see the second variation. We also have an entire department dedicated to Past Master regalia.
Past Master Logo w/ Square Past Master Logo w/o Square
Past Masters Pin 361857 Past Masters Pin 20.5mm x 22.3mm $3.95 Add To Cart

Scottish Rite

These products are meant for members of the Scottish Rite. The Scottish Rite contains a number of concordant bodies within it but these orders vary depending on which jurisdiction you are in. These degrees include The Lodge of Perfection, Princes of Jerusalem, Chapter of Rose Croix, Council of Kadosh, Consistory, Court of Honour and the Supreme Council. The Northern Jurisdiction is represented by the double headed eagle with it's wings pointed up. The Southern jurisdiction is represented by the double headed eagle with the wings pointed down. The other major distinction within the Scottish Rite is between the 32nd degree and the 33rd degree. Most members in the United States get their 32nd degree almost immediately upon joining. The 33rd degree is typically awarded later on in a Scottish Rite Masons career as a honorary privilege that is not awarded to all. It should also be noted that American Scottish Rite Masons are typically only recognized up to the 14th degree by the rest of the world. In other countries, it takes many years to reach the 32nd degree and receiving the 33rd is almost unheard of. You can view all of the Scottish Rite products we have available in our dedicated Scottish Rite Supply department.
Wings Up - Northern Jurisdiction Wings Down - Southern Jurisdiction
Round Scottish Rite Pin 360965 Round Scottish Rite Pin 26.06mm x 26.06mm $3.95 Add To Cart
33rd Degree Pin 360956 33rd Degree Pin 21.76mm x 24.21mm $3.95 Add To Cart
32nd Degree Pin 360943 32nd Degree Pin 23.48mm x 22.72mm $3.95 Add To Cart


These products are meant for members of the Shriners. You can view all of the Shriners products we have available in our dedicated Shriners Supply department.
Shriners Logo
Shriners Fez Pin 360967 Shriners Fez Pin 24.1mm x 25.45mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Motorcycle Pin 360964 Motorcycle Pin 32.98mm x 23.03mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Shriners Helper Pin 360962 Shriners Helper Pin 16.56mm x 27.63mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Shrine Lady Pin 360961 Shrine Lady Pin 18.35mm x 20.37mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Shriners Square & Compass 360960 Shriners Square & Compass 14.16mm x 25.66mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Shriners Clown Pin 360959 Shriners Clown Pin 22.92mm x 22.59mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Shriner Pin 360958 Shriner Pin 20.36mm x 25.31mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Motorcycle Shriners Pin 360953 Motorcycle Shriners Pin 25.74mm x 18.54mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Shriner Trowel Pin 360952 Shriner Trowel Pin 11.85mm x 26.94mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Shriners Shield Pin 360950 Shriners Shield Pin 19.39mm x 24.11mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Shriners Fez & Crutches Pin 360949 Shriners Fez & Crutches Pin 24.74mm x 25.21mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Shriners Fez Pin 360948 Shriners Fez Pin 24.48mm x 25.6mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Shriners Sponsor Pin 360944 Shriners Sponsor Pin 14.51mm x 28.86mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Round Shriner Pin 360938 Round Shriner Pin 21.86mm x 21.86mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Ambassador Pin 361353 Ambassador Pin 28.4mm x 5.98mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Number One Shriner 361352 Number One Shriner 12.62mm x 26.3mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Shriner Torch Pin 361351 Shriner Torch Pin 10.29mm x 27.19mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Drum & Bugle Corps 361350 Drum & Bugle Corps 24.96mm x 19.6mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Shriners Camel Pin 361349 Shriners Camel Pin 23.93mm x 19.89mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Shriners Pin 361348 Shriners Pin 25.16mm x 20mm $3.95 Add To Cart
New Product 361346 New Product 25.25mm x 25.25mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Winged Fez Shriners Pin 361345 Winged Fez Shriners Pin 28.28mm x 12.87mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Hillbilly Degree Pin 361344 Hillbilly Degree Pin 26.42mm x 30.97mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Hillbilly Degree Pin 361343 Hillbilly Degree Pin 25.07mm x 25.07mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Hillbilly Degree Pin 361342 Hillbilly Degree Pin 25.89mm x 30.12mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Shriners Pin 361341 Shriners Pin 25.5mm x 22.6mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Shrine Pin 361339 Shrine Pin 17.17mm x 24.89mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Clown Pin 361338 Clown Pin 16.69mm x 28.88mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Clown Pin 361337 Clown Pin 25.88mm x 26.13mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Clown Pin 361336 Clown Pin 25.5mm x 24.75mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Clown Pin 361335 Clown Pin 18mm x 29.5mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Clown Pin 361334 Clown Pin 24.3mm x 23.79mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Clown Pin 361333 Clown Pin 21.9mm x 29.24mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Clown Pin 361332 Clown Pin 23.4mm x 24.85mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Clown Pin 361331 Clown Pin 14.5mm x 25.08mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Clown Pin 361330 Clown Pin 18.6mm x 27.56mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Clown Pin 361329 Clown Pin 19mm x 23mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Clown Pin 361328 Clown Pin 24.22mm x 25.08mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Clown Pin 361327 Clown Pin 20.5mm x 26.3mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Clown Pin 361326 Clown Pin 20.74mm x 22.2mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Shriners Heart Pin 361347 Shriners Heart Pin 23.9mm x 24.84mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Shrine Greeters Pin 361340 Shrine Greeters Pin 18.05mm x 27.55mm $3.95 Add To Cart

York Rite

These products are meant for members of the York Rite. The York Rite is divided into three major orders that are all included in this category. The Chapter of the Royal Arch, or sometimes referred to abroad as RAM, which is symbolized as as a triple tau inside a triangle.. Cryptic Masonry which is probably the least mentioned of the thre and is symbolized by a trowel and sword inside a triangle. The Knights Templar is certainly the most well known degree of the York Rite, if not the most well known order in all of Masonry outside of the blue lodge. The Knights Templar are recognized by a variety of symbols but most commonly the crown and cross. You can view all of the York Rite products we have available in our dedicated York Rite Supply department.
Chapter of the Royal Arch Logo Cryptic Masonry Logo Knights Templar Logo
KYCH Pin 360955 KYCH Pin 24.95mm x 21.3mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Knights Templar Pin 360954 Knights Templar Pin 23.33mm x 23.74mm $3.95 Add To Cart


Blue Lodge

USA Square & Compass Flag Pin 360941 USA Square & Compass Flag Pin 25.37mm x 18.36mm $2.95 Add To Cart

Eastern Star

OES Flag Pin 362184 OES Flag Pin 30.25mm x 21.2mm $3.95 Add To Cart


USA Shriners Flag 360940 USA Shriners Flag 25.15mm x 18.44mm $3.95 Add To Cart



Santa Shriner Pin 360951 Santa Shriner Pin 17.66mm x 25.75mm $3.95 Add To Cart

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