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York Rite

These products are meant for members of the York Rite. The York Rite is divided into three major orders that are all included in this category. The Chapter of the Royal Arch, or sometimes referred to abroad as RAM, which is symbolized as as a triple tau inside a triangle.. Cryptic Masonry which is probably the least mentioned of the thre and is symbolized by a trowel and sword inside a triangle. The Knights Templar is certainly the most well known degree of the York Rite, if not the most well known order in all of Masonry outside of the blue lodge. The Knights Templar are recognized by a variety of symbols but most commonly the crown and cross. You can view all of the York Rite products we have available in our dedicated York Rite Supply department.
Chapter of the Royal Arch Logo Cryptic Masonry Logo Knights Templar Logo
Custom Pin (Qty 100) 363921 Custom Pin (Qty 100) $299.00 Add To Cart


Shriners / York Rite Pin 362625 Shriners / York Rite Pin 26.14mm x 22.28mm $4.95 Add To Cart

York Rite

KYCH Pin 360955 KYCH Pin 24.95mm x 21.3mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Knights Templar Pin 360954 Knights Templar Pin 23.33mm x 23.74mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Knights Templar Pin 361037 Knights Templar Pin 15.7mm x 15.5mm $3.95 Add To Cart
Lapel Pin 357761 Lapel Pin 6.42mm x 6.69mm $4.95 Add To Cart
Lapel Pin 357755 Lapel Pin 8.05mm x 8.13mm $4.95 Add To Cart
Knights of Malta Pin 357754 Knights of Malta Pin 10.01mm x 10.01mm $4.95 Add To Cart
Royal Arch Pin 357791 Royal Arch Pin 13.6mm x 13.6mm $4.95 Add To Cart
Knights Templar Pin 357782 Knights Templar Pin 31.86mm x 31.86mm $4.95 Add To Cart
Order of the Secret Monitor Pin 361126 Order of the Secret Monitor Pin 14.75mm x 25.5mm $9.95 Add To Cart
Knights Templar Lapel Pin 362393 Knights Templar Lapel Pin 8mm x 8mm $99.00 Add To Cart
Maltese Cross Lapel Pin 362349 Maltese Cross Lapel Pin $129.00 Add To Cart
Knights Templar Lapel Pin 362394 Knights Templar Lapel Pin $149.00 Add To Cart
Knights Templar Tie Pin 362595 Knights Templar Tie Pin $149.00 Add To Cart
Knights Templar Lapel Pin 362392 Knights Templar Lapel Pin $159.00 Add To Cart

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